Wednesday, August 02, 2006

... of Brain Worms and Terrapins and casting off shells

Melancholy hit me recently when Syd Barrett died. Most folks reading this are probably too young to even know who that is, but he was one of the original key members of Pink Floyd and also one of my first childhood crushes. He was so beautiful and smart and sexy and seemed calmy kind when not spotlight beacon brilliant - how could I not have a crush? He overdid the psychotropics and lost his way.

His personal descent into madness and recent death have affected me deeper than I am comfortable. Does this ever happen to you? It is like emotional cling film. When this happens to me, I start to look for something to change the energy and usually I find something. You know how sometimes the universe appers to be more than coincidence? Well bear with me in part two of this long rabbit trail, because it does have a point, I promise.


Shelby said...

Woo hoo--I'm the first commenter!! Looks great, girl. I love reading new blogs. Mine is linked but I don't like to give it out on the forum--I'd hate for people to find out how boring I really am ;).

Shelby said...

GAH! That darned Orangepaas beat me to it! And I was so proud of myself too :(. Curses on you, OP!

rosy_cheeks said...

Great blog! I'm looking forward to reading more.

And... RIP, Syd Barrett.

Babaloo said...

Annie, look at you! Look at your new blog! Great job. You are the precise type of person that blogs are perfect for- witty, bright, insightful with interesting things to say! I'll def be visiting.

Annie-go-lightly said...

Shelby, you are NOT boring! (But evidentally you are slower than OP.)

Just Kidding!


I am glad I took your suggestion to break up the Terrapin post into shorter parts. Thanks again!

Thanks all of you, for all your comments and support.