Sunday, February 04, 2007

Too Funny Not To Share

This website, that has overheard snippets of office conversation, has had me laughing for the last few minutes.

Here are a few examples:

2PM Dr. Seuss Successfully Split the Difference

Yuppie girl: I found a turtle over the weekend. I put it in my backyard.
Flakey girl: What did you call it?
Yuppie girl: Myrtle.
Flakey girl: Is it fertile?
Yuppie girl: Is it what?
Flakey girl: Is it fer-tile? I was rhyming...
Yuppie girl: No, it's a turtle.
Flakey girl: Myrtle, the fertile turtle.
Yuppie girl: You're like Phoebe of Friends.
Flakey girl: You're like Ross.

3PM Really? Baghdad?

Woman: Oh, I love that place!
Man: Wait, which place?
Woman: I don't know, whatever place you were just talking about.

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